What’s In a Name?

Ever wondered what all the various designations for real estate professionals mean? Every state has its own rules and regulations surrounding real estate. Here in Washington State, Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers are essentially one in the same, though technically the Department of Licensing issues real estate licenses under the title “Broker.” The designation REALTOR® is for a broker who is also a member of the National Association of REALTORS®.  They work according to their Association’s standards and code of conduct. As licensed professionals who have completed state requirements, Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and REALTORS® can all help you buy and sell homes in Washington.

Once real estate brokers have at least 3 years of real estate experience,  they can apply for the title of Managing Broker and provide supervision to newer licensees. Whether a professional identifies as an agent or a broker, they may also need to work under the supervision of a Managing Broker or a Designated Broker within a licensed brokerage firm (e.g. Windermere). These additional levels of licensure and oversight won’t impact you much during your buying and selling process, but provide some context if you do happen to come across these terms.

I hope this helps clarify some of the many details surrounding the buying and selling process!


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Winter Garden Care + Spring Prep

Spring is near! That means it’s time to start thinking about your garden. Late winter is a good time to start prepping for both flowers and veggies, as well as tidying up after this wet winter. Here are some tips to get things rolling:


  • clean up garden beds by removing dead foliage + weeds
  • trim dead branches leaves from trees + shrubs
  • turn over garden beds and add compost
  • start Allium crops if you haven’t already (e.g. garlic, leeks) and add bulbs for summer blooms
  • plan your vegetable garden and purchase seeds
  • general maintenance including sharpening and oiling gardening tools, cleaning lawn furniture, repairing window boxes and raised beds

For my Greenlakers here are a few of our local garden stores:

Swanson’s Nursery | 9701 15th Ave NW

Greenwood Hardware | 7201 Greenwood Ave N

Ravenna Gardens | 2600 NE University Village Ave


Happy prepping!





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Green Lake Food Walk

Dates have just been released for the Green Lake Food Walk 2017!  The event will take place April 29th from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m., presented by the Green Lake Chamber of Commerce and HomeStreet Bank.

Like an art walk but with food, this event is all about discovering and experiencing our wonderful community businesses here in Green Lake. Check in for the event will be at the Green Lake HomeStreet Bank location, $15 for adults and $10 for children. Registration is necessary, and tickets can be purchased here.

Looking forward to this exciting event!


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The Seattle Craftsman, A Green Lake Classic

Photo by Brewbooks – Restored Craftsman, Wallingford

Craftsman homes were first built in the U.S. during the latter part of the 19th century, following the British Arts and Crafts movement which saw a departure from Victorian architecture toward clean, livable design. Seattle is home to hundreds of these Craftsman Bungalow homes, many built during the early part of the 20th century following the 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. The Expo brought with it streetcars, and as a result Seattle’s first downtown commuters traveled from suburbs with ease. These were working class families, who built their own homes using purchased “do-it-yourself” kits from major retailers or via detailed construction plans found in magazines and catalogs. The Craftsman was heavily advertised in the Seattle area, and people were drawn to the opportunity to own a home with close access to urban life, a rare opportunity to residents in Eastern cities at the time.

Here are a few distinctive features that help to identify these gems of Seattle history.



overhanging eaves 

heavy wood millwork

low pitched, front or side gabled roofs

dormer windows and multiple roof planes

exposed rafters and beams

wood or stone siding

generous full or partial width porches

tapered porch columns with low pedestals made of stone, brick, wood, or stucco

stone exterior chimneys



open floor plan

natural materials: wood, brick, glass, stone, tile

exposed rafters, joists, beams

built in woodwork

wide door and window casing



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Design Tones: Winter Color Inspo

Winter offers up an array of cool, calming colors for interior and exterior home inspiration. Here are four beauties stirred by the deep grays and icy blues of the season. Enjoy!






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Bold Burglars – quick fix, garage door lock?

From time to time we hear some strange stories in the world of real estate. Recently some bold burglars pulled up to a home in broad daylight, and opened the garage door and emptied the home. It turns out a small garage door lock could have prevented this from happening. They sell these locks at Home Depot. They run roughly about $30. Here's a link: http://reviews.homedepot.com/1999/202089765/garage-door-keyed-lock-set-reviews/reviews.htm

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Home Refinance: Is it worth it?

I just got off the phone with a home owner who has gone the last two years thinking she wouldn't benefit from refinancing her home. She was literally exstatic after finding out that her monthly mortgage payments would decrease by $1,000 a month. All it took her was a phone call and a little paperwork. (She has owned it for 15 years, has no trouble making the payments, etc.)

She has rental properties as well. So she called about one of them… her payments went down $900.

Even if you bought two years ago, make the call to your lender and ask about refinancing. Call me if you have questions, it really is worth your time!


*Photo from Total Mortgage Services website 8/27/12

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What are the first steps to buying a home?

First, think about your finances and start interviewing lenders. I can recommend some to you if you’d like.(Mortgage calculator tools and today’s average interest rates are on my site: www.JenningsDoyle.com)

Once you and your lender decide what amount you are comfortable spending, start thinking of the neighborhoods you might be interested in.

Come up with ten things you would like in a home and put a star next to the three you can’t live without.

These are the first steps – I have a process I follow that will help you suss out the homes that fit your criteria.

We will use the comfortable process of elimination rather than selection to be sure you don’t miss the right home for you.

Every person and every home is different, together we can find the right fit.




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What to do when house is listed for sale

1.Keep all valuables and prescription medications in a safe or locked away from public access

2. Make it look as though no one lives there (no trash in waste bins, no dishes in sink)

3. Keep all bath and kitchen towels clean & looking brand new (think: Pottery Barn Catalog)

4. Avoid cooking foods with pungent smells within a few hours of a showing

5. Put all personal photos in drawers

6. Keep your agent in the loop in terms of travel plans so when that offer comes in she can prepare the buyers for your response time.

This will be hard, but worth it!



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How to freshen the sink/garbage disposal:

Cut a slice of a fresh lemon and throw it in the garbage disposal.

Try this a few times a month and especially when listing your home for sale.



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