Bold Burglars – quick fix, garage door lock?

From time to time we hear some strange stories in the world of real estate. Recently some bold burglars pulled up to a home in broad daylight, and opened the garage door and emptied the home. It turns out a small garage door lock could have prevented this from happening. They sell these locks at Home Depot. They run roughly about $30. Here's a link:

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What are the first steps to buying a home?

First, think about your finances and start interviewing lenders. I can recommend some to you if you’d like.(Mortgage calculator tools and today’s average interest rates are on my site:

Once you and your lender decide what amount you are comfortable spending, start thinking of the neighborhoods you might be interested in.

Come up with ten things you would like in a home and put a star next to the three you can’t live without.

These are the first steps – I have a process I follow that will help you suss out the homes that fit your criteria.

We will use the comfortable process of elimination rather than selection to be sure you don’t miss the right home for you.

Every person and every home is different, together we can find the right fit.




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What to do when house is listed for sale

1.Keep all valuables and prescription medications in a safe or locked away from public access

2. Make it look as though no one lives there (no trash in waste bins, no dishes in sink)

3. Keep all bath and kitchen towels clean & looking brand new (think: Pottery Barn Catalog)

4. Avoid cooking foods with pungent smells within a few hours of a showing

5. Put all personal photos in drawers

6. Keep your agent in the loop in terms of travel plans so when that offer comes in she can prepare the buyers for your response time.

This will be hard, but worth it!



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How to freshen the sink/garbage disposal:

Cut a slice of a fresh lemon and throw it in the garbage disposal.

Try this a few times a month and especially when listing your home for sale.



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Phoenix Jones: Belltown, Seattle

Condominium buyers (& sellers alike) in Belltown and Downtown Seattle have talked to me about crime in close conjunction with value. Buyers, when assessing the neighborhood, will be willing to pay less for a condo in an unsafe area.  Seattle condo owners experience a strange dichotomy where million dollar homes share their front doors with nefarious characters. (Though it could be argued some millionaires are themselves nefarious.)

So what hope is there for condo owners? Could a caped crusader of sorts clean up the streets and in turn raise home values?

Could Phoenix Jones & The Rain City Superhero Movement, be what Belltown home owners are looking for? The Huffington Post reported that Phonex Jones “stopped an in-progress grand theft auto recently by chasing away the perpetrator”.While I find his antics amusing, I unfortunately don’t think he alone will affect condo sales… unless he wants to host the available condo tours in Belltown and downtown?


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“How do interest rates affect my buying power?”

You are a busy person, so I will make this fast.

If you are planning to finance your home purchase:

For every 1% that interest rates increase, your buying power decreases by 10%.

Conversely, for every 1% interest rates decrease, your buying power increases by 10%.

For example:

Interest rates are at 4%, & your lender determines you are currently able to make payments on a $700,000 home.

You think about that home for a week. (Is the view just what you want, the trees-are they mature enough? etc)

Over that week, interest rates go up to 5%, now you have a heftier interest payment on the money you borrow, so those same monthly payments will now only get you a $630,000 home.

Conversely, if over that week, interest rates went down to 3%, you would now have the ability to buy a $770,000 home.

Your monthly payments are the same in each scenario.


Interest rate 3% — you are able to borrow/buy a home at $770,000

Interest rate 4% — you are able to borrow/buy a home at $700,000

Interest rate 5% — you are able to borrow/buy a home at $630,000

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